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News / Don’t forget to anticipate employer about day off


Club birthday party: Possibly the main event of the year. Here you can find everybody who ever visited our club. It is a good possibility to find old and to make new friends. Season final, the New Year Party and feeling of nostalgia for people who visit us seldom. Great impressions for the new visitors. As a tradition the main concert program will be shown October 18th. You will see the most famous musicians and DJs as a part of celebration marathon till the mourning. So that’s why the motto of the party is Don’t forget to anticipate employer about day off. The celebration is always in the same date, October 18th . There is no matter if it is weekday or weekend. The main attribute of the event are maple leafs. Somebody says that these leafs are from magic maple, and only club Director knows all the mysteries of that tree. In regard to Mr. Griboedov...he likes everything what happens in our famous club. Enjoy!