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About the Club

Fashionable club Griboedov is probably the oldest underground center for cultural events and gigs in St.Petersburg. Its a labyrinth of various rooms among which one can find a concert hall, a famous bar, sofas for sitting and the room for those 200 who can still manage to keep their balance after a few hours of drinking ;). Right by the entrance you will find our ticket office and next to it a cloak room and a souvenir stand where you can buy our brand products-Griboedov club t-shirts and exclusive music CDs.

Griboedov Hill
A logical and indispensible continuation of the club. In fact, it opened its doors only in 2006. Its a round the clock musical café where not only concerts but also exhibitions, DJ sessions, sports broadcasts, lectures and receptions take place. It also works as a restaurant which serves excellent meals and one of the best in town three course business lunch. Just for 160 rubles!

Amsterdam Bar
The quiet bay of the club. Its an open terrace which mainly functions in summer. The bar is equipped with a pool table and gas heating. Its an ideal place for intellectuals with an ultimate desire for long quiet conversations.

Besides visiting club events you can also watch sports live shows, book tables, have a reception, celebrate your birthday party. Devoted clients have a good chance of receiving guest cards which entitle them to more options

Our history
The club was opened by the founders of a legendary Russian band 2 Aircrafts (Dva Samolyeta) on October 18, 1996. Since then it has seen and heard such heroes of underground culture as Dva Samolyeta, Tequillajazz, Colibri, NOM, Kirpichi, Markscheider Kunst, Prepinaki, Leningrad, Korabl, Krovostok, Boris Grebenschikov, beNUTS, Jay-Jay Johanson, etc.

Chronological events

The grand opening
First alco retro parties which grew into mega popular retro Wednesdays
First guest cards issued
Face control introduced

Legendary intrusion of riot police during V. Bukhinniks fashion show
Launch of the almanac Pam Pers, a pioneer of the club printed editions
Launch of the project City cyclists team which developed into the modern cyclists movement

The project Discussions at Griboedov literary soirees with compulsory alcohol consumption
Sik-Ms underground video class opened
First club volunteer recruitment

First music collection Griboedov music released
Project Xtremal chess games aimed at proving intellectual nature of alcohol
First library days. Guests with books encouraged
Griboedov representatives appear on TV in the programme KaMyshi (hosted by Belyankin and Lazovsky)

Denunciation box in order to get feedback from guests and romantic correspondence between the staff is arranged
First Fortdance parties are organized and later become an annual all Russia festival of electronic music

Griboedov club is awarded Night Life award in the category Best underground club of St. Petersburg

First experience of opening the second frontline in the club. The customers asked for one more bar counter.
On request of the State Film Company a director Masha Solovtseva makes a film about Griboedov club A game of chess with living figures

The second in town football kicker brought from Germany and installed in the club.

The year is marked by a numerous changes in the club layout. The fence is put up around the clubs territory. In the summer a terrace with tables is arranged on the roof. The stage is rearranged and the kitchen is extended.

Elecrtodays in Griboedov a joint project with the studio Off, which allowed the visitors to get familiar with the latest electronic music. Later they transformed into electronic Thursdays.
A contract with a tobacco company signed and a series of quite unexpected but extremely interesting concerts is held.

The first (the fact though is still doubted by some club history writers) performance of the band Tequillajazz in the club. The construction works in Griboedov Hill completed.

The first night of the film Griboedov music (directed by Mariya Solovtseva) shot at the grand 10th anniversary of the club.
The club supports the publishing of the paper of drinking intellectuals 999 Copies.

Boris Grebenschikov as well as the founders of the SKA music stream the Skatalites perform in the club.

The final opening of Amsterdam bar (designers Alexey Spy and Igor Yanovsky)
Club events are shown on-line

Prizes and Awards

Golden Ptyuch-the best club project of the year

The medal of Alexander of Macedonia for upbringing of the younger generation- awarded by Timur Novikovy and the New Academy of Fine Arts of St. Petersburg
2nd place among St. Petersburg clubs

Golden Cactus- annual award for achievements in the sphere of modern culture and another Golden Ptyuch

Best underground club of St. Petersburg Night Life Awards The first prize awarding ceremony in the area of club industry in St. Petersburg
Music Magazine (Great Britain) calls Griboedov one of the best three clubs in Russia

Receives diploma of Golden Quill. The paper 999 Copies becomes a nominee in the category Media Project of the Year (in collaboration) at the journalists competition in St. Petersburg and the region.

Awards'07an annual awarding ceremony for artists and promoters of St. Petersburg in the area of electronic music in 2007
Night Life Awards A diploma for the input into the development of club industry

Griboedov club is a unique mixture of local and global representatives of alternative culture who mingle with the common visitors of the club. One can spot for example Emir Kusturiza who drops by with his Smoking Orchestra to warm up before his famous show when he comes to the city. The members of Franz Ferdinand do the same. Famous Russian footballers from Zenit stop by as well as their devoted fan and a legendary film actor Mikhail Boyarsky.

The foundation date -18 October is one of the main official holidays of the underground culture of St. Petersburg. Griboedov is a must to visit along with the Hermitage museum and the Palace Square.Jazz Mondays, Retro Wednesdays, Electronical Thursdays, Friday and Saturday Night Gigs have been attracting generations of music lovers. Griboedov Hill stays busy in the daytime as well as hordes of hungry guests queue up to taste its home-made business lunch.

Griboedov does a good job protecting interests of its visitors. The safety on board is maintained by professional security staff. They can be easily recognized by their uniforms and friendly appearance. The surveillance system adds to security measures as well as detailed fire evacuation schemes which are to be found on the walls of the club. The club is also equipped with first aid kit. Indeed what can be safer than a former bomb shelter?
We are environmentally friendly and are aware of noise pollution! Therefore we kindly ask our guests to keep it lo at night hours on the outside premises of the club.

The club is open from 12.00 to 06.00 (Monday-Friday)

15.00 to 06.00 (Saturday-Sunday)